Truth Or Tradition?


The great majority of Christians today, including many famous evangelists and theologians, are keeping Sunday instead of the seventh-day Sabbath. That fact alone should not over impress anyone, taken by itself, but in the light of Christ's words it should raise a flag of warning. Truth has never been popular with the masses. And those in the majority today, as in all past ages, are not really looking for truth as much as they are looking for a smooth, easy, comfortable religion that will allow them to live as they want to live, and still have the assurance of everlasting life.

What then should be the test of the Sabbath truth? Just one thing, and one thing only—the Word of God. Unfortunately, millions have never studied the Bible for themselves on this subject. Here we will test the Sunday-keeping practice of this majority group and find out if it is correct. If it is Biblical, then all of us should accept it and faithfully keep every Sunday. If the Scriptures do not support it, then we should diligently search the Word until we find the day that our Lord has endorsed for us to keep.

If we truly want to follow Jesus then the most honest way to approach this subject is to take a look at absolutely everything that the Bible says about the first day of the week. There are only eight texts in the New Testament that refer to Sunday, and by carefully studying these verses we can be certain that all the evidence for consideration is before us. If there is any biblical authority for keeping the first day of the week, it will have to be found in one of these verses.

Are we willing to face the consequences of this kind of exhaustive study? Here is where our prejudice, our preconceived ideas, and tradition will be tested! Can we open our minds completely to whatever this objective search reveals? These are not trick questions. It should not matter to us which day is found to be the Sabbath. If the Bible teaches it, we should gladly keep Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, because if we are true seekers of God's Word and long to follow Him, then we will be willing to follow the Word of God wherever it may lead.

Regardless of feelings or tradition or what the majority do, it should make no difference to us which day we keep holy, as long as it is the one commanded in the Bible!

To start, we will begin our examination of every single reference in the New Testament that mentions the first day of the week.


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