Most Christians today observe Sunday as their religious day, and most will say that this is in honour of Jesusí resurrection, and that the example given to us by the New Testament apostles confirms that Sunday is the day which the Bible teaches we should observe.

Most Christians believe that the seventh-day Sabbath was part of the Jewish ceremonial law which came to an end when Jesus was crucified, that Jesus died to set us free from legalistic obedience to such old-covenant law.

Is this belief correct? Does the Bible really teach that Sunday is the day upon which we should honour God with our worship? Is this really the example we see being given by the apostles in the Bible? Does the Bible really teach that the seventh-day Sabbath came to an end at the crucifixion?

Could it be that today most Christians are honouring a day which has its origin, not in the Bible, not in the word of God, but rather solely in pagan tradition?

The Bible is very clear that the day which we choose to honour with our worship has an extremely important role to play in the final events of this world before Jesus returns. If this is true then we need to be absolutely sure that we are observing the day which is commanded by God and taught in His word the Bible, and that we are not following mere tradition.

In these pages we will discover the truth about which day God Himself has established for our rest and worship.

To do this, we will go to the only place where the truth on this subject this can be found.


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